Food & Nutrition

Food & Nutrition

Everyone understands that nutrition is an important part of development. Many of the parents are as concerned about the food their children are going to eat during the day as they are they are about our facilities, policies and learning.


In some nurseries, food can be an add-on that isn’t really that carefully considered. Here at One World Nurseries, the opposite is definitely the case. We all love food and we’re dedicated to providing healthy nutrition options to the children in our care.


Your child won’t be getting processed or convenience foods or unhealthy options. We produce freshly made options in our own kitchen, designed to give children variety and choice. You won’t find us adding sugar or salt to our meals either and you can be sure we know what goes into each meal.


Of course, as a parent you may have certain views on what your child is eating. We always work with mums and dads to make sure that we cover all the nutritional and dietary requirements adhered to. We’re always happy to tell parents what is on the menu for the day or work with them to provide the right diet for their child.


Great nutrition and food is just one part of what we offer at Armadillo Nurseries. If you’d like to see how we deliver care and support to all our children, you can contact us to make an appointment to visit the nursery.