Care & Safety

Taking Care of Your Child

When selecting a nursery for your child, there will be several areas to look at before reaching a decision. Whether your child has been to a nursery before or it’s the first time you’re giving over care to such a place, it’s natural to feel just a little anxious.

At One World Nursery we understand that a number of boxes must be ticked before you hand over responsibility for looking after your child.

While location and flexibility will be on your list, keeping your child safe and providing a strong and encouraging learning and assessment environment for their development is going to be much more important.

We aim to educate and care for children and the world in which they live in. Our children will grow in their understanding of the environment and the impact they have on the world.

Our World Nursery means the world to us, as do the children we educate and care for.

Keeping Your Child Safe

All our practitioners are fully trained and committed to high levels of safety. Access to the nursery is through security doors and while your child is with us they are constantly monitored by professional staff.

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Learning and Assessment

Our aim is to deliver the Early Years Foundation Stage for your child in a nurturing environment and through creative play and games. Each child is treated as an individual, inspired to develop by a team of creative and talented teachers and nursery staff.

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Food & Nutrition

We use fresh, healthy and nutritious ingredients in our provided meals, snacks and drinks. Our menus are fun, delicious and full of variety, which gives the children a chance to explore new foods and increase their range of tastes, smells and textures. We encourage children to try foods from every food group at each meal, so a balanced diet is guaranteed. 

The children will also have snack times, where we’ll provide fresh fruit and healthy options for them to choose from and enjoy. 

We aim to help your child develop healthy habits by keeping our food low in salt and sugar. There is Fresh drinking water is available throughout the day


Dietary & Allergies
We record any preferences, allergies, intolerances or religious requirements that your child/ren may have, and produce bespoke meals for them if required. We take great care of your child/ren’s diet as their health is our main priority.

If you have any questions regarding our food and nutrition,  please contact us or speak to a member of staff.

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